Caesarstone quartz surfaces are ideal for virtually any interior surface from kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities and stairs, to wall panelling and interior furniture.

Although traditionally used for high-end residential countertops, Caesarstone also offers an attractive and versatile finish for commercial and institutional buildings.

Caesarstone quartz surfacing is tough enough to handle the wear-and-tear risks of high traffic interior spaces and beautiful enough to complement any design scheme. Caesarstone offers the widest range of colours and designs and carries all the important international certifications for health and environmental management. Caesarstone products also come with a generous warranty.

Caesarstone is resistant to heat, but that doesn't mean you can put your hot pot directly on the worktop. A little crack can cost you a heavy replacement, so it is recommended to use trivets to hold your hot pots and pans.

Everyday care just needs dishwashing liquid and water. Use Windowlene® to bring up it's shine. For more stubborn marks use some liquid Chemico® and a non-scratch pad.